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Smart Device Packages

Gearknowledge’s Smart Device Packages offer you a variety of smart plans with the help of which you can make your life smart and convenient through your home, car or any other smart device. You can choose any of the packages given below, depending on your smart device requirements or home automation requirements.

Package 1

Home Automation for Lights & Music Systems

Package 2

Package 1 + Home Automation for AC and Smart/Non-Smart TV

Package 3

Smart Car Configuration
This includes smart configuration of any music system which can be operated with IR remote receiver as well as smart lights like smart bulbs, smart tube-lights smart strips and Smart IP cameras which records locally as well as on cloud etc. This includes all the benefits of Package 1 and brief configuration support to make your existing normal AC to a smart AC which will operate with your voice as well as from your mobile phone. Also same with your existing TV whether it may normal TV or smart TV. It covers all the latest stuff related to car configuration including OEM Android Stereo configuration plus smart devices which can make your driving experience more and more joyful. Apart from them, it also includes GPS related query resolutions and Dashboard Camera Q&A.

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