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Top Chinese apps, every Indian should remove these apps from their smartphone

The Anti China Movement has started in India, seeing the wrong and double-faced character of China,
Let’s see how many Chinese apps can be in our phones.


The Corona epidemic has not ended yet and China has started cheating on India.
Recently, India has lost 20 Indian soldiers fighting in the attack due to the cheating of China, while 40 Chinese have also been killed. The blood of every Indian is boiling over all these and every Indian is trying not to use any Chinese equipment or Chinese applications from now on.

Know which Chinese mobile companies sell their mobiles in India.

Today, under our anti-China mission, we will tell you which Chinese applications can be on your mobile phone and you can delete them from your phone. But whether Indian consumers will be able to show the courage to remove these popular applications from their smartphones, it remains to be seen.

1) PUBG Mobile Game
If seen, every young person is very excited about this game and this Chinese game is played in India at the most. You will find this game on the mobile of everyone interested in the game.

2) Tik-Tok
These video applications are also waving their glory in India.
Everyone keeps making their short videos and uploads to this application and supports China.

3) Shareit
Generally, people use this app to transfer files from one phone to another with high speed, this application can be relieved if people use Alternate instead of this application.

4) Cam-Scanner
This document scanning app is also very popular and people use it to scan their documents, there are also many Alternate available.

5) UC-Browser
People usually use it to download a file or video from the Internet at high speed, if we use Google Chrome for all these, then we can remove this application from our phone.

6) BeautyPlus Selfie Editor
This is a photo editor app with which you can add filters with a variety of special effects and beautification to your photos or selfies.

7) Zoom Video Conferencing App
Although it is an American company, a large part of this company is located in China and hence this company may also be a concern for Indians.

8) VivaVideo
It is a video editor application that works to edit any video clip or edit a new video. It also has hundreds of alternatives.

Although there are many other Chinese applications also, here we have described only a few selected apps.

Below, a list is populated in which you will also find these application’s alternatives.

Chinese AppBest Alternatives
Tik-TokRoposo, Mitron, Youtube/Instagram
ShareitJio Switch, Files By Google
CamScannerAdobe Scan, Doc Scanner
UC BrowserGoogle Chrome, Firefox, Jio Browser
ZoomGoogle Meet, Microsoft Teams
Viva VideoPowerdirector, Video King Master
BeautyPlus Selfie EditorB612- Beauty, and Filter Camera
PUBG Mobile GameThere are lots of IndianGgames Available

We are waiting for your questions or answers in the comments below.

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I believe everything is hidden in technology.
Just need to explore it.

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Well documented

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I believe everything is hidden in technology.
Just need to explore it.