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Top 5 things you should do with your phone

Smartphone nowadays has become an all-rounder companion rather than just a calling device. Probably, there will be some work that we cannot do with our smartphones. We need to do just take care of these Top 5 things to get better output from our smartphones. If we take care of them, they will also give a good response.

About 60% of computer work can be done by our smartphone. That is why we should also take care of our essential device so that it can run for more days. Let us know what are the things that we should take care of.

1) Things to keep in mind while charging mobile

Things to keep in mind while charging mobile - Top 5 things
Charging Mobile

Smartphone i.e. our mobile is an intelligent device and the processor present in it keeps working all the time. During charging, the power of the battery goes on, which can cause the battery to overheat. If you find that your phone is heating up while charging and if you have a cover on the mobile, then remove the cover immediately so that the mobile is directly exposed to air and the battery is saved from blasting.

2) Do not install Unknown Apps – Top 5 things

Do Not Install Unknown App - Top 5 things
Do Not Install Unknown Apps

An unknown app that is not certified and if you install that application in your mobile, then you do not know what this app is doing in the background without your knowledge? Recently, the Indian government has banned many Chinese apps because those apps were found guilty of leaking data secretly.
So, whenever you install an app on your mobile, then check its review first and also check its rating in the App store. And if you feel that many people have given negative reviews and the rating is also low, then do not install that app.
Yes, one more thing, avoid installing external apps other than the application store because the apps outside the application store are not certified, which makes them more prone to risk.

3) Must install screen guard or tempered glass on a mobile – Top 5 things

It is true that mobile without screen guard or tempered glass looks much better, but it is also true that applying them increases the security of mobile display.
This is because a good quality tempered glass absorbs the sudden shock to your mobile and the display is not damaged. But it is also worth noting that always use good quality tempered glass.

4) Use the only high-quality charger – Top 5 things

Choose Best Charger - Top 5 things
Choose Best Charger

Many times, when the charger that comes with the mobile is damaged, we go to the shop and buy a cheap charger, which is a very fatal decision. Its reason is that the company sets the voltage in the charger according to the mobile battery so that the battery is not damaged by charging. And in such a situation, if we take a cheap or poor-quality charger, then this charger damages the mobile battery.
This damage can reach the extent that the battery of the mobile can burst.
So, use the charger that comes with the mobile and if the charger that comes with it gets damaged, then buy the original charger only.

5) Do not put the mobile on charging overnight – Top 5 things

Do Not Charge Overnight-Top 5 things
Do Not Charge Overnight

Although the smartphone is quite intelligent and modern smartphones have overcharging protection, it is a wrong habit to put the mobile on overnight charging for self-protection. It has been heard many times that the mobile battery broke during charging.

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Mobile battery bursts can have 3 main reasons.

  1. The battery of the mobile is very old and has not been replaced in time. This is also an important step.
  2. The mobile is being charged with a poor-quality charger so that the battery is not getting the voltage properly or the voltage is going high, as mentioned in point 4.
  3. The mobile is mounted on charging for overnight and overcharging causes the battery to burst, as indicated in point 5.

If the above-mentioned Top 5 things are taken care of, then we can keep our phone fast and secure and the mobile also lasts for more days.

Have you any suggestions or advice? please let us know through the comments below.

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