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Easy ideas to increase phone battery life and backup time in 2024

Battery problem in smartphones is not new and we all have suffered from this problem at some time. we will know all solutions in brief.


Battery problem in smartphones is not new and we all have suffered from this problem at some time. In today’s article, we will know how we can increase the battery life of our smartphones, which makes the battery last longer and you can get about 20% more battery life. We need to understand in detail about the mobile battery.

Let’s understand them all in 10 important points.

What is the recharge cycle in the mobile battery?

When we charge the mobile battery from 0% to 100% full, it is called a charge cycle. But if the charging stops before 100% then this cycle is not complete.

For example, if the battery of the mobile is charged up to 80% and after discharge, then after charging the battery again by 20%, then a charging cycle will be completed.

Best charging percentage limit for charging

According to battery manufacturers, never completely exhaust the mobile battery and also do not charge fully. This means that never discharge the mobile battery up to 0% and do not charge the battery even up to 100% and if possible charge the battery only up to 80-90%. This will make the battery life last longer.

Average Life of Mobile Battery

According to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), after 400 full charge cycles, the battery capacity is reduced to 20%.

Fast charging is actually dangerous

Nowadays, the feature of fast charging is seen in every smartphone, but do you know that fast charging gives more stress to the battery than normal charging. It is true that our time is saved by fast charging, but if you have enough time, then you choose only normal charging.
So if you charge your phone normal instead of fast charging then your phone battery will run longer.

Use of original charger

It has often been seen that if a 3rd party charger is used for mobile charging, the battery deteriorates quickly. This is because the mobile manufacturer makes the charger according to the mobile, so it is always safe to use the charger that comes with the mobile.

Overnight charging

Today’s smartphones are quite safe, but still charging the mobile for the whole night can not be considered safe because it can heat the battery without need and increase the chances of battery leaks or bursts. Therefore, if possible, remove your mobile from charging before sleeping.

Use of original charging cable

Always use only the charging cable that comes with the mobile, because that cable is set according to the charging frequency of the mobile and only then your mobile will be charged with the correct charging frequency.

Use of dark themes and wallpapers in mobile phones with AMOLED screen

An advantage in mobile phones with AMOLED screen is that if you use a dark theme with dark wallpaper in the AMOLED screen, then about 10-20% more battery life because AMOLED screen turns off pixels in black areas and consumes less battery.

Don’t use 100% brightness

The mobile screen consumes the most battery, so keep the brightness of the screen as low as possible and do not use auto brightness because using the auto-brightness, the proximity sensor has to work more and consume more battery.

Do not use any external battery saver app

Today’s Android OS is highly advanced, so do not use any app that resembles the name of any other external battery saver, as it may be damaging your phone battery instead of saving it. If you keep in mind the things mentioned above, then your phone battery will definitely run more.

For any advice or suggestion related to this article, do let us know through the comments given below.

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I believe everything is hidden in technology.
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I believe everything is hidden in technology.
Just need to explore it.