Xiaomi became the only brand to get ahead in the first quarter of 2020

Xiaomi Inner

According to the latest report by market research company Gartner, due to the corona epidemic, the smartphone market has fallen by 20.2 percent globally, while in contrast, China’s top tech company Xiaomi has recorded net gain about 1.4 percent this year as compared to the first quarter of 2019.

If we talk about the rest of the companies, the chinese company Huawei suffered a steep decline at 27. 3 per cent, while Oppo incurred a loss of 24.2 per cent and Samsung directly suffered a decline of 22.7 per cent. Apple’s position remained slightly stable and declined to 8.2.

Many companies have stopped manufacturing units in China and are looking for another alternative. But now things are slowly improving and companies are starting their productions as well.

Globally, the first quarter was very bad for companies, but the situation will improve in future.

Xiaomi has focused on both offline and online, while Huawei has paid a lot of attention to the local market in China this quarter and these companies closed all their productions in this lock down.

Now that the situation is improving, it will be very interesting to see what offers companies bring to the customers in the future.

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