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Google Photo Scanning App, renew your memories

Google has recently launched a new application Photo Scanning App called ‘PhotoScan by Google Photos

This application works like a magic to convert your old and dull printed photos into a new and clear digital photo.

We all had photographs printed in the form of nostalgia, which was clicked with the camera roll camera and after getting them developed in the photo studio shop.

All of them are preserved even today and, how good is it that we can store them in the cloud by making them look like new and when you want?

You can look at the mobile and we don’t have to search heavy albums again and again?

Some features of the app

1. Glare-free scans step by step capture with the flow.
2. Automatic cropping based on edge detection.
3. Scan with any angle, it automatically recognizes it.
4. Automatically crop in the best possible way.

If you click a printed photo from your phone’s camera. It does not come properly visible and clear so that we do not save any old photo digitally in a good and clear way.

This is a common problem and to overcome this. Google has brought this application, this app really deserves praise.

You can see how to use this application in the video below.

Compare Photos - Photo Scanner App
Compare Photos – Photo Scanner App

In the photos below, you can see how much difference there is between the clicked photos from a normal camera and the photos saved by scanning with this app. This app is very useful for all of those who want to get rid of huge and heavy albums of the old days. 

Also by using this awesome application everyone can preserve old and lovely memories by clicking those photos with this app and saving those images to the cloud. I tested many photo scanning apps but this app is far better than of rest the applications.

It is clear that the PhotoScan App’s scanned photos are much cleaner than the normal camera click.

How did you like this unique app, you can tell in the comments below.

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