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Does running AC increase the risk of coronavirus? Know the whole truth

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The whole world is struggling with corona at this time and this disaster is increasing day by day.

Every day new cases are coming and in such a situation, there is news on social networks such as WhatsApp and Facebook, etc. that Even running AC increases the risk of corona, so today we will investigate this.

If you are also worried about this problem, then we will tell you the whole truth in this article.

Is it not safe to run the AC?

After investigating the case by PIB Fact Check, it is clear that this is not completely true. There are two aspects to this:

1) How safe is the AC used at home?

Since there are only a limited number of people in the house, if no one is infected with the corona in the house, then it is completely safe and you can enjoy AC at home in summer.

Whether the window is AC or split at home, it does not cause any problem. So you can rest assured that you can run AC at home.

2) Whether Central AC is safe in shopping malls or large institute?

Here are some things to keep in mind, you do not know that there can be an infected person in this open place, that is why it is advisable not to use central AC in these places. So do not go out for a few days until it is necessary.

Similarly, nowadays another rumor has spread that corona-virus dies due to an increase in heat, but nothing like this has come to the fore and there are daily reports of infection from very hot countries.
This means the corona-virus and heat have no relation between themselves.

We want to appeal to everyone through gearknowledge, Please do not get out unless it is very important.

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