TRAI gave a big relief to users, removed daily limit for sending messages


In 2012, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) implemented the rule of charging 50 paise after sending 100 messages a day.

This rule was passed to curb spam messages coming from telemarketing companies, but the regulator believes that now telecom companies have many other ways that they can stop these spam messages, so the regulator decided It is no longer to be charged to customers.

Now telecom companies can free their customers from this limit per day.

Why this decision was taken?

In fact, in the Kovid-19 epidemic, phone calls and messages have increased significantly, this decision has been taken so that customers do not face any additional burden and they continue using the services without any hassle.

TRAI has said in its statement that it has issued the draft Telecommunication Tariff (65th Amendment) Order 2020 according to which the maximum limit of 100 messages in a day has been asked to be removed.

TRAI has already said in its proposal that now there is no need to take this regulation charge.

This decision taken by the department can be an important step because those people who do not have a smartphone will have the convenience and do not want to spend money on a new smartphone so that they can use other online services like WhatsApp.

Now it is to see how this step is beneficial for the common people. Tell us about what you think through the comments below.

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