Google took a major step by removing the Remove China Apps application from Play Store

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Image courtesy: Google Play Store

With the deepening of the border dispute between India and China, the campaign to remove Chinese apps on various social media platforms in India has gained momentum.

And today in this link, Google has added another anecdote, the company has removed an Indian app that was used to delete Chinese apps from the phone.

This app was quite popular

Actually, due to the Kovid-19 pandemic and the tension spreading along the Indo-China border, anti-China sentiments are prevailing inside the common man, due to which this app was becoming more popular. Everybody in India is getting rid of Chinese items right now and an anti-Chinese campaign has started.

A note has been released on their website stating

They have received 80,000 + appreciations in the last 2 days via several mediums.

Due to the high volume of feedback, they were not able to respond to all of the feedbacks one by one.

The application was created by a Jaipur based startup company named “ONETOUCH APPLABS” and was downloaded over 50 lakh times in the last few days.

The rating of this application was also very high at 4.9, but no information has been found about why this app was removed.

What do you think about it, please share your thoughts in below comments. 

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3 years ago

Any Specific Reason?

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