Spamming Messages, be careful

tempting messages

Due to lockdown, Internet consumption has increased nowadays and the Internet robbers are taking advantage of this.

You may have seen all kinds of wooing messages coming in your Whatsapp or Facebook, in which you are told that if you share the details of yourself or your relatives, then you will get a Paytm voucher or any other benefit.

Let us know why these messages come and what may be the motive of the person sending them.

First of all, let us know that if you get a message saying that the validity of your debit card has expired or the debit card has been blocked, then delete the message immediately Because your bank never sends such messages.

This message contains a link which if you click, a page opens in front of you in the form of a form in which all the information about your card is asked.

And if you put all this information in the form, then your important and sensitive information is available to the hackers, so never open such messages and delete them immediately.

If you have not read our article on the dark web, then read it immediately and know how the people there sell this information on the dark web and leak all your information there.

After this, hackers of the dark web misuse your information in many ways and you can get into a lot of trouble, so it is best to never click such fake messages and delete them immediately.

We told above how it is sold on Darkweb after taking your information, let us now know that and in what manner this fraud can be done.

In the second type of fraud, the message that has come to you may contain a link which will tell you that if you install a safe and secure application, then your phone will be protected from viruses and if you install this application in your phone then this application starts to sending all the data of your phone without your knowledge.

Overall, we want to explain to you that if any message comes from an unknown number in which you have been asked any information or has a link, never open it and delete it immediately, and this way your important information should be limited to you only.

The summary is that if you receive any tempting message or you receive a message in which your details have been asked, delete those messages immediately and protect yourself from imminent danger.

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