What is the Dark Web? The bitter truth of mystery, adventure, and fear

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You would think that if you use daily internet like Facebook, Google, or Twitter, etc., that is all the internet, then you are wrong.

You will be surprised to know that the part of the Internet that we all know is only 4% and 96% of the rest comes from Deep Web and Dark Web which is known by very few people.

We will talk about this unknown aspect of the internet here and will know what is special in the hidden world of this internet.

Actually, the internet we all use is divided into three parts, in which the first part is called the Surface Web, the second part is called Deep Web and the third part is known as Dark Web.

What is Surface Web?
The surface web is the part of the internet which we all use for our daily needs like checking our emails, using Facebook or online shopping, etc. This surface web is only 4% of the total internet volume.
This part of the Internet can be easily found on search engines like Google or Bing.
Anyone can see this part and everything can be found on search engines like Google.

What is Deep Web?
Many people often consider the Deep Web to be the Dark Web, whereas it is not that the Deep Web is not full of illicit things like the Dark Web, but it is a hidden place on the Internet and only people who have permission to use this part of the Internet can use it.

Google or any other search engine cannot show this part because they are not allowed to search or show this part. Or simply say that this part is so secure that the search engines cannot access this part.

The governments of countries do this part of it to save their intelligence digital documents.

What is Dark Web?
This is the part of the Internet about which very few people probably would have known, this is the remaining 96% part of the Internet including Deep Web.
Using the dark web can be quite risky, and if you try to look at it even curiously, then you might get into jail.

It is legally illegal to use the dark web, and if anyone does, there are strict rules and laws.

This is because most illegal works are done here and what is happening cannot be traced as trend hackers keep their empire here.

That is why the dark web is also called a paradise for hackers. Here is everything that you might not have imagined, such as for example:

  • Black marketing of illegal goods
  • Selling pornographic material
  • Sale of dangerous and illegal weapons
  • Sale of banned drugs

Here, the purchase of goods is done in Bitcoin, which is a famous currency of the Dark Web, which is almost impossible to detect.

No search engine can index the dark web, and an ordinary person does not know anything about this hidden world even if he knows everything about the Surface Web.

If you have curiosity, you can use TOR browser to go to the dark web but we advise you not to do this because it is a crime. Every activity of yours is verified by your network providers.

TOR is the only browser through which the dark web can be accessed because it contains all the encryption that is required by the web.

To your knowledge, let us know that the extension of Dark Web Websites is slightly different like .onion is a highly encrypted extension which is commonly seen in Dark Web.

Along with TOR browser, you will also need a VPN (Virtual private network) which will hide your identity and your real IP will not be traced.

On the dark web, you will see everything that is beyond your imagination, just you have to keep control of your mindset.

Everything we have told here is just for your knowledge. So that you know that the world is not limited and there are more secrets than you think.

If you have any questions regarding the dark web, then you can ask through the comments below.

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I believe everything is hidden in technology. Just need to explore it.

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