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Use your old phone to make it a security camera

If you are stuck somewhere at the time of lock-down 4.0 and you have an old phone, then get ready, you can now keep an eye on your old location, that too for free and all the footage will always be visible to you, Isn’t this a wonderful thing?

Let’s see how all this works.

There are many applications on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store that can make this possible, just you have to choose which app works for you, for example, We will tell you today how the application named Security Camera CZ This work will be done for you for free and along with it you will also get motion detection and notification.

Tell someone who is related to your specific location in your old place that you can install a security camera CZ application and login in your old phone and select the camera option from both the camera or monitor option and place it where you want. , And yes the most important thing is that the phone must have Wi-Fi or mobile data in running condition.

We are telling you all these steps through the picture as well.



When your old phone is ready to work like a camera, then you have to install the same application in your personal phone now and your installation is complete.
You have to select the option of monitor in your personal phone and by doing this you will see your old phone as a camera in the application.

This application also supports night mode and as soon as the camera detects a motion, it will immediately send you the footage so that you will be able to see immediately who has come to your old place.

In this way, you can use your idle old phone properly. Many other applications can also do the same for you, such as Alfred DIY CCTV Home Security Camera or Home Security Camera WardenCam etc.

Hope you find this tutorial beneficial and if you have any question or query, please contact us through the comments below.


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