Amazon launches its food delivery service in India, Will compete directly with Zomato and Swiggy

amazon food

Amazon India has started its food delivery service in Bangalore.

Amazon India has promised that all the food delivery vendors it has signed with the company have been given special instructions regarding cleanliness. Also, Amazon India has issued special certificates for this.

The company has said that all these steps have been taken in view of corona infection.

According to the people of the company, the purpose of the company is to support those restaurants who are facing difficulties in lock down.

Only 4 PIN codes have been selected in Bangalore which are 560048, 560037, 560066 and 560103.

According to a report in february this year, Amazon India was going to start this service but was delayed due to lock down.

This service of Amazon has a direct competition with big players like Jomato and Swiggy.

In the coming time it will be very interesting to see how much support the food delivery service of Amazon gets from the people.

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