People are waiting for ban on zoom after data breach, a report

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India has the highest number of Android phone users, according to a survey, 7 out of every 10 phones are equipped with Android based operating system. There are still thousands of apps on the Google Play Store that fall under Spyware category, meaning they keep leaking information without knowing to the user. Google has recently removed about 800-900 such apps from its store which used to leak data in secret manner.

Zoom app has also been accused of this for many time. According to a report, Zoom App was installed by more than 13 crore people in April, this app is available for download on Android, windows and Mac platforms.

From the security point of view, a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court on Zoom Application, but so far no result has been received because there are already lakhs of pending cases in the Supreme Court.
In India, if any question arises about a famous app, a hearing is held in the Supreme Court.

As part of the hearing of the case, the court has sought an answer from the central government in about 4 weeks, to see what updates are available.

Initially, if every new uncoming app is tested in every possible way and any agency takes the responsibility, then it will be very good for all users.

According to a report by Bloomberg, data of more than 5 lakh zoom app users has been leaked and it was sold for less than one rupee.

Similarly, an app named Tiktok is also being accused of security.Tiktok’s rating has dropped from 4-5 to 1-2 because most consumers are now giving it least ratings. Various types of speculations are being made about both these apps, perhaps we can get some new updates about the ban on Zoom app soon.

If you have any query or update on this topic, lets disscuss in below comments.

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3 years ago

I am using zoom app continuously but i read ur article so I decided now I am use this app.

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