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Researchers discover BIAS vulnerability, Bluetooth devices might be affected


It is true that – “The science is good servant but at the same time also a bad master”. Nowadays this is proving true everywhere, thats why we are saying it according to the new information, Your device can also be hacked through Bluetooth.

Researchers have discovered that if your mobile or any such device which has Bluetooth feature has Bluetooth open then it can be easily hacked, especially smartphones. According to Researchers, the Bluetooth wireless protocols of these devices have been found to be flawed, so hackers can hack your smartphones whenever they want.

With Bluetooth, all the data of the smartphone can be easily accessible to hackers meaning all call details, WhatsApp chats, pictures and configured email accounts, etc. This drawback affects the classic version of the Bluetooth protocol, which is used in low-efficiency devices. This drawback is known as BIAS (Bluetooth Impersonation Attacks).

Researchers investigated this attack in smartphones of several companies, including Nokia, Samsung, Apple, LG etc. It is worth noting that Bluetooth headphones also fall in this category and can be hacked.

Hackers do not need any paring code for this, through a BIAS attack, hackers can steal all the data of another classic version of the device. Bluetooth Sig has been informed about this attack and the problem is being resolved in coming days.

We are going to tell you further what to do to avoid this hacking. You do not have to do much, just whenever the company releases the update in your smartphone, you must install it, maybe the company has fixed this problem in this update. And the second precaution is to open the Bluetooth of the smartphone only when it is needed and turn off the Bluetooth after use.

If possible, use a good antivirus in the smartphone because if someone tries to access your phone data silently, The antivirus will immediately tell you to save the data of smartphone.

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3 years ago

thanku for given usefull information.

Rohit Mishra
Rohit Mishra
3 years ago

Had hai ye hackers kya kya kar lete hai yar.