Data of 3 crore Indians seeking jobs leaked on dark web


If you are looking for a new job on the Internet, then be careful because according to a report, personal data of about 3 crore Indians has been uploaded for free on the dark web and anyone can download it.

On Saturday, an online intelligence firm Cyble has told that this data has been leaked on the dark web, working on the Internet has become very risky nowadays, every day one gets to hear some new and dangerous news.

According to the report, important information like personal address and education is also available in this data. By the way, usually everyone reads many such news everyday, but if it is about their personal information then it is definitely a matter of concern.

On the company’s blog post, a screenshot of a very large file of 2.3 GB has been shared, they have also written that they will be able to tell more when they get further information.

Folders of some of India’s job portals are also visible in this screenshot, but it is difficult to say anything clearly, if this is true then this data can also be used in any criminal activity such as kidnapping, theft or any other anti-social activity.

By the way, the irony is that we cannot do anything in it and just hope that nobody is harmed by it.

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I believe everything is hidden in technology. Just need to explore it.

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3 years ago

how it can be.I am shocked now a days I think anyone is not safe due to this type of hackers who creates a problem in our privacy..