Realme Extends suport for Realme buds in Link App

The Realme buds Link app is now downloadable on Android smartphones and has finally appeared in the Google Play store. The app will serve as a bridge between all Realme phones and their various IoT devices, which will soon be introduced.

Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth recently revealed the products it releases over time, including a smart monitor, smart speakers, and smartwatch. The Realme Band and Realme Buds Air have already been launched as two first items in its large portfolio.

Users can update the firmware version directly from the app after connecting Realme Buds with the mobile. A firmware update is useful in many ways to overcome the issues and faults in previous firmware. We tried to update our Realme Buds and it was updated successfully to the latest version.

Realme’s online partner Flipkart sent an email to the customers who bought Realme Buds from Flipkart about this update.

Single tap, double-tap, triple tap and hold on Realme Buds settings can be configured from within the app.

Currently, only Realme Band and Realme Buds are supported in the Realme buds Link App. In the future, we will see other Smart devices support launched by Realme very soon.

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