The OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Can See Through Plastic Objects with IR

Recently OnePlus launched its two flagship range smartphones named Oneplus 8 and OnePlus 8 pro. The OnePlus 8 Pro has almost all the latest features available in the market right now BUT the company never talked about a unique feature available in the OnePlus 8 Pro which is the capability of its IR camera.

transparent object
Source: Twitter post

As per the latest information received from GSMArena, The camera sensor on the OnePlus 8 pro is capable of seeing through certain surfaces like plastic objects. This feature was highlighted by Max Weinbach who shows about the 5MP IR camera can shoot a new level of innovation which is not seen in any flagship phones yet.

Looking for answers right? well, mostly all of the camera sensors are using color filters BUT OnePlus thinks beyond that and decided to remove the color capability of its IR camera module resulting in the IR camera has enhanced capability of seeing objects transparent and under the hood things.

Some sources stated the concern about IR filter can see through people’s clothes which results a major privacy concern for society. Let’s see how OnePlus observers these issues and revert back.

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