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Check your corona symptoms yourself and get relief

As we all know that Corona has kept the whole world in its grip, which has scared everyone inside. Everyone is praying that they don’t get infected with corona, But at the same time, information for Corona is being considered a rescue.

This means that if we know what to do and what not, then this epidemic can be avoided.
Considering this, we will know how to find out if you have symptoms of the corona.

When infected with corona, there is a lack of oxygen in the blood of the body, which causes the person to have trouble breathing. For this, there is a device that checks what percentage of oxygen is in the blood of the body, and this device is called an oximeter.

An oximeter is a digital device capable of detecting this through a sensor.
It is very important to understand an oximeter reading. You can easily understand this by looking in the picture given below.


The oximeter has a place to insert the finger of the hand and by inserting the finger you have to press the on button and in doing so the device detects the oxygen level in the body with the help of sensors through your finger. This entire process only takes a few seconds.

Oxygen level measurement

There is 100% oxygen in the blood of a healthy person, but the living and pollution of these days is up to 90 100. If your oximeter reading is 90 or more, then you have nothing to worry about, but if these readings are 85 or more, then you need a quick checkup.

These readings are seen in an oximeter with a symbol called SpO2, plus you can measure your heart rate in an oximeter and it can be easily seen in an oximeter from a symbol called PRbpm.

So, if you have even a little doubt that you are seeing symptoms like corona, then you should check the oxygen level in your body immediately.

gearknowledge has also created a dedicated video on it, check the video for more information.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments below.

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