iPhone 12 Mini Vs iPhone 5S – Interesting Comparison

Apple had started bringing round-edged smartphones since the iPhone 6, but now the company has again showcased smartphones with square edges from the Series 12.

The 5S was the last of the iPhones with square edges, so we can compare the upcoming square-edged iPhone 12 mini with the 5S.

Build – iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 mini right here, as you can see this is a dummy model. this is not the official model for those who may say to turn it on. This one doesn’t really turn on but it does give us original dimensions and overall build with a great look.

iPhone 12 mini Size-Compare

Interestingly, it will be very pleasing, how we’re gonna compare it to something like an iPhone 5S. It is because, from iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, Apple again brings the concept of flat corners. From the arrival of the iPhone 6 and so on, the company moved to the concept of a rounded corner.

Now, this is the oldest phone I’m going back to comparing this let me know if you have an older iPhone because I’m sure most of you are not using anything older than a 5S.

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I always get a little emotional when I see the 5S because it was really a phone that really boosted.

iPhone 12 mini height-Compare

Just like the SE, this phone is going to be pretty similar in terms of size to the iPhone 12 mini as you can see right here it’s still a little bit shorter. It’s only you know around 123 millimeters tall so you know the iPhone 12 mini right here being at 131.5.

It’s actually taller than the iPhone 5S you still can’t beat that 5s when it comes to the most compact iPhone. uh that they basically made with a decent-sized screen with a four-inch screen they did have the 3.5-inch phones back in the day but those iPhones were a bit small now the iPhone 12 mini also has a width of around 64.2 millimeters.

Thickness and design – iPhone 12 Mini

Now, this iPhone 5S as you can see right here, and if you want to make sure it’s a 5S you don’t see SE branding you can see the chamfered edges the SE had matte edges the 5S has the chamfered edges.

iPhone 12 mini ThicknessCompare

The width of this phone right here is only 58.6 so the iPhone 12 mini as you can see as we get closer to the edges here this one is actually giving you a little bit more width than the 5s but not much I mean very minimal more width.

When it comes to the thickness what’s pretty neat is that they’re almost the same thickness we’re talking about a 0.2 millimeters difference in thickness so the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 12 mini Thickness-Compare

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If you still have it from 2013 was 7.6 millimeters thick and this newer iPhone is 7.4 millimeters thick so very thin phone over here, and the weight of the iPhone 5S is actually you know it’s actually a little bit lighter. you’re going to come in at around 112 grams so you’re not going to beat this phone’s lightness.

The iPhone 5s is extremely light than iPhone 12 mini. this thing is going to come in at a weight of 135 grams but that should give it a little more heft. iPhone 12 mini feels a little more premium than the iPhone 5s so taking a look at them side by side you also notice that the iPhone 12 mini brings back the squared edges.

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so the overall design philosophy of these two phones are also very similar but it infuses it with a newer looking home button so the volume markers here no longer, the plus and minus with the circular design.iPhone 12 mini Width-Compareit does have the power buttons that are pretty similar to the iPhone 11 pro series now you’ll see that they did go ahead just like with the iPhone 5S they are going to be putting the sim card tray here on the right with the volume or the power button right here.

Siri button is huge right there and it used to be on the top for the 5s so that’s a little bit of a difference there and also because the 5S had a singular camera it was a flush design so very pretty.

iPhone 12 mini will have a little slight bit of a camera bump on its design and size but looking at the size differences, if you have a 5S and you held on this long you really are a warrior for holding on that long.

But if you did and you’re ready to go to another iPhone finally the dream has come true a bigger screen with not much of a bigger body and not the same similar phone as the iPhone SE was.


Hence we will get a very similar iPhone with a lot more power than the 5S. How did you like this comparison?

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2 years ago

I’ve always waited for a phone that has almost the same size as iphone5 and full screen. This is the best phone to carry in your pocket as size and with a good body/screen ratio.

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