Mi Smart Water Purifier, A New Revolution in Water Purifier

Xiaomi MI Water Purifier is by far the most modern purifier in India and it can be controlled by an app so that you can see all the information directly on your mobile phone.


Xiaomi’s smart water purifier is really smart in many ways, we used it for a month so that we would be able to give you real reviews.

We have generally got TDS of water between 1-36 which can be considered very good.

Our review is divided into several categories as you can see below.

1) Build Quality & Design
Made from ABS plastic, this purifier does not disappoint you in build quality and design at all, with a minimalistic design pattern that gives you a royal look.
It can fascinate you with an attractive faucet. With its frame build, its edges are also very smooth. With this, you get a 7-liter storage tank, which provides the facility of extra filtration with ultraviolet light from time to time. Its water is filtered at 5 stages which gives you the best water to drink.

2) Smart Features
Purifier smart app of MI comes with connectivity where you can see the details of the complete specification of the daily and in the app itself, you can see when you have to change the membranes. Also, you can change these membranes by yourself, which gives you the freedom to not depend on a mechanic.


In its application itself, you can also see how much water has been filtered on which day, you can filter it by day, by week and by month.

All these smart features can be seen after connecting your Purifier to WIFI. Talking about extra features, you get a link to buy members in the app itself.

In our use, we found in one month, there was a reduction of 10% in all three membranes, which filtered about 5 liters of water daily. That is, these membranes will be completely finished in about 10 months and new membranes will need to be purchased.

3) Taste of water
You get a very good test water filter in it, we compared the water filtered by it with other purifiers and found that MI water purifier water is tastier and tastes better to drink.

Closing Statement: As it is a DIY(Do It Yourself) device, hence no need for a mechanic to replace the membrane in Mi Smart Water purifier and you can do it yourself.
Also, you do not need an AMC plan for its maintenance like the rest of the purifiers.

If you have any questions or queries, please let us know in the comments below.

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I believe everything is hidden in technology.
Just need to explore it.

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4 years ago

this product is better than other product like kent and acquagaurd

4 years ago

this ptoduct purchase online or offline

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I believe everything is hidden in technology.
Just need to explore it.