What Is CDN

What is CDN? Top reasons why you should use CDN for your website in 2024?

The use of CDN plays an important role in website optimization. But how does this CDN works and which company’s CDN service should you use?

What Is CDN
What Is CDN

Many Internet giants’ websites were unavailable last Tuesday and kept showing ‘503’ as an error, which means that the Internet browser is not able to find the data of the website. Well, that was due to the failure of the CDN (Content Delivery Network) provider. Many people may not have understood that what happened after all. iPhone 12 Mini Vs iPhone 5S – Interesting Comparison

In fact, due to some issue in the network of the American company FASTLY, the content delivery network ie CDN provider, its service was stopped for some time. The company admitted that there was some problem and it was fixed in about an hour. 

The companies that faced the problem are Reddit, The Guardian, Amazon etc. Now the question comes that –

What is this CDN? And what is its role in running the website?

Let us explain by taking an example. Suppose you have to take some items, then you will have to go to the market and you can come back home as soon as possible by taking the goods from the nearest shop. Top 5 Best Cloud Storage for Data Backup

Exactly the same principle applies to the website. The website you are accessing, the location of its server and the farther your location is, the more time it will take for the website to load, And if the location of the server of the website and your location is not far away, then the website will load as soon as possible. 

Companies providing Content Delivery Network service keep their data centres in more and more countries around the world, and these companies charge the consumer for the use of these data centres. iPhone 12, Top Thing You Should Know About
When a client company or consumer takes a service from a CDN provider company, the provider company caches the data of that customer’s website in the data centres located in all its countries. Now if a visitor from any country in which this Content Delivery Network provider company has its Dada Center accesses the website, the cached data from the nearest data centre is immediately available.

This makes the website available immediately. Imagine if the website owner company had not taken the service of Content Delivery Network, then this data would have come from the server of the origin of the website and it would take a little more time and the website would not be able to load immediately.

Let us understand with another example.
Suppose your website is hosted on a server in India, and you have taken the facility of CDN, that is, the data of your website is present in data centres in every country. Now a visitor comes to your website from America. How to take screenshots in Windows 10 in various easy ways

Since the data of your website is also present in the US-based data centre of the Content Delivery Network provider company, then this visitor will get the data from the US data centre immediately and the website will be loaded in very little time.

If you had not taken the CDN facility, then the US visitor would get data from India, which may take a little longer.

Because the sheer size of the world and the physical limitations of the cables and wires used for connectivity restrict this connectivity. Which causes loss of data.

Which are the most used CDN provider companies?

The most popular CDN providers are Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare CDN, Google Cloud CDN and KeyCDN etc.

So it is clear that some CDN must be used on the website. But the choice is entirely up to you, as you may or may not be able to afford an expensive CDN.

If you cannot afford an expensive CDN, then Cloudflare is the best choice for you as Cloudflare has a lot to offer in its free plan which also provides top-level security to a website with CDN service.

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I believe everything is hidden in technology.
Just need to explore it.