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Top 10 apps for iPhone, The best apps you can get in 2022

Apple is well known in the world for its ecosystem. Also, the most loved product of Apple is the iPhone. But just as the iPhone is famous, the applications consist of the top 10 apps for the iPhone that are more expensive than Android. Hence we are covering here almost free apps for your daily use.

For example, most applications of Android come with a one-time payment, ie if you have bought an application once, you can always use that application. While on the other hand, the applications used in iPhone come with a subscription, that is, you have to restart the subscription again after some time.

Here we let you know about the free and the most useful top 10 apps for iPhone, which may useful for you in 2021.

Top 10 apps for iPhone – Facebook


Nowadays social media is climbing on everyone’s head and speaking. Facebook comes at the top of social media apps, here everyone writes about themselves, which others like or dislike and show their reaction.

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This is the easiest way to feel connected. Hopefully, you too will have an account on Facebook. This application is also available in the Apple Store for absolutely free.

Top 10 apps for iPhone – Whatsapp messenger


In today’s era of the internet, everyone wants to always be connected and for this Whatsapp is proving to be a perfect example. Whatsapp is a massaging app created in 2009 by two former Yahoo employees, Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Now you may understand how difficult is to find The top 10 apps for iPhone 🙂

At the end of 2017, WhatsApp had up to 1.5 billion active monthly users worldwide.

Registering for WhatsApp is also very easy, all you need is a mobile number and a smartphone. Just then through that mobile number, you can start using WhatsApp in 2-3 easy steps.

Top 10 apps for iPhone – Google Keep

Google Keep
Google Keep

Google Keep is a writing application and very useful app under the top 10 apps for iPhone. In which you can secure all your important things by writing, not only that, you can also put a reminder in this note that on which date and at what time you have to do this work.
You can create your master list and add items to it and make your to-do list. By setting various customization of your choice such as colours or fonts etc.

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The most convenient thing is that you can use this application on all your devices. For example, if you added an item to your Android phone using this application, then this new item will be shown to you on your iPhone app as well.

Top 10 apps for iPhone – Outlook (The Email App)


Although there are many more email apps available in the Apple Store, I have used all the email applications in the store and after several days of testing, I found that Outlook Apps is the easiest to use and feature-rich among all those apps. A bug was found in every email app, but no such bug was found in Outlook.

Dark mode looked much more attractive, as well as you can save different settings for each account. Outlook App’s simplicity was much more convenient. You can also set the email for the future and can activate the Do Not Disturb settings.

Gmail (The must-have app for previous Android user)


If you use Gmail or you have already used an Android phone, then the Gmail app is a very important app for you. Because while resetting Gmail’s password or at the time of Gmail’s account recovery, Google sends the confirmation notification to the Gmail app itself. So even if you do not use Gmail as an email app, you still have to keep Gmail app on your iPhone.

Sync.Me (Full Screen incoming caller picture)

If the picture of the caller in your iPhone is not coming in full screen then you will need Sync.ME.

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If the picture of the caller in your iPhone is not coming in full screen then you will need this application.

It is important to state here that if you save your contacts in the cloud and when you sync those contacts to the cloud in your iPhone, then your contacts do not show the full-screen picture during the incoming call, this is where the application is a time-saver is. this apps is definitely the best contender for The top 10 apps for iPhone.

iPhone 12, Top Thing You Should Know About

In this application, you get the option to update the picture of iPhone contacts from Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Google.

If you want, you can subscribe to it so that it automatically keeps the contact updated. But you can also run your work from the free version, and only when you want, you update the contacts, so that your phone’s battery will also be saved.

Mx Player

Mx Player
Mx Player

Mx player is a multi-format video player. With this video player, you can play any format of the video on your phone even if the default video player of the phone does not play that format.

You get many types of gestures on the player’s play screen such as play, pause, forward, backward, etc. The subtitle has also been given the option to choose.

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Convenient features like play from the last location, screen brightness control, volume control are also provided. This video player became the best option during testing.

Home Automation Apps

Home Automation Apps
Home Automation Apps

Smart gadgets and smart homes attract everyone but there are very few people who have made their home completely smart. If you are also among those selected people then this part is for you only. Such as smart bulbs, smart batons, smart fans, smart cameras, etc.

If you have such smart devices installed in your home, then you need different types of apps to control them. For example, Google Assistance compatible devices require the Google Home app and Alexa compatible devices require the Alexa app. Apple and Samsung have also provided their assistant apps which are called Bixby and Siri.

Depending on your needs, you can install compatible apps on your iPhone.

Banking Apps

Banking Apps
Banking Apps

We all have an account in one bank or the other and we have to manage the bank account as well. And if you are using an Apple phone then you will know that Apple is famous for security. So it is safe to open any bank account on iPhone. Now the bank where your account is in, you can install the app of that bank on your iPhone.

For example in India, there are many banks like State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Bank of India, etc., whose applications you can install.

Mobile operators apps

Mobile Operators
Mobile Operators

Whether it is your iPhone or any phone, it runs from the sim of some telephone operator. Now if your sim is postpaid then you have to pay its bill or if your sim is prepaid then you have to recharge that sim. Now it is obvious that for this, you have to control your mobile number account, which is possible only from the official application of that SIM provider company. Therefore, you will also have to download the official application of the sim provider running on your iPhone.

If we talk about the dual sim, then a physical sim is available in the iPhone and the second sim you have to activate from the E-sim system in the iPhone. In this case, you will have to install the apps of both providers on the iPhone.

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